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Very Best Irish Paint


Irish Paint

Coolmine Decor stocks a huge range of products & Irish Paint for our customers. There is something for every taste and budget. We stock complete painting systems for any interior job, backed up by solid practical advice.
Extensive Range of Products

  • Thousands of paint colours instantly available
  • Full British Standard (BS) range
  • All RAL shades
  • Six Dulux paint ranges instore
  • Six Colortrend ranges instore
  • Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion range instore
  • Full range of Fleetwood paints instore
  • Zinsser Primers
  • Crown Suede
paint colours
farrow & ball


Farrow & Ball are reknowned for the distinctive appearance of their signature Estate ® Emulsion which defines what is often referred to as ‘the Farrow & Ball look’.

Their hand crafted wallpaper are printed using their own paint and the paints themselves have an ursurpassed purity and depth of colour.

In their paints they use high quality pigments and umbers as well as other natural ingredients including chalk, lime putty, linseed oil and china clay. They are low odour, quick drying and easy to use and are rated as having either a low, minimal or zero VOC content.


Over 50 years ago, Colortrend set up a leading-edge paint company in Ireland – one that operates at the forefront of paint technology.

Colortrend create a range of innovative and technically superior acrylic paint that applies smoother and lasts longer. They are continuously developing their palette of over 2,000 shades – from stunning to subtle, from classic to contemporary. The results are astounding.

Colourtrend Weather – exterior masonry paint is a pure acrylic, premium quality paint specially formulated to meet the demands of irish weather – good and bad to give you home long-lasting good looks. Colortrend weather is mould and mildew resistant, has excellent spread and coverage, is easy to clean and resists dirt pick-up and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Colortrend Ceramic – which gives you a finish that is classically beautiful and naturally tough. By adding ceramic microsphere technology to their acrylic matt the can offer you a super-durable paint that looks and feels great. It dries to a flat matt finish that is silky smooth and super tough. Its matt finish gives minimal light reflection which helps to hide wall imperfections and gives colour richness and depth. Best of all, you can use any colour, in any room, throughout you home…It’s that tough.

Colortrend Interior Matt – is a premium quality, low odour, waterbased emulsion for interior walls and ceilings which dries to a beautiful smooth matt finish and is fully washable.

Colortrend Interior Soft Sheen – is a gentle, illuminating finish which is super-hardwearing. Its high acrylic contend makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms or high traffic areas such as hallways. An easy-clean, scrubbable finish.

Colortrend Historic Collection – is a collection of classic colours inspired by the subtle tones of times past. The beautiful and harmonious palette can be used in any combination throughout any type of building. This luxury collection will give both period and contemporary homes a timeless ambience. The Historic Collection will give you the confidence to choose any combination of colours from the historic palette to bring harmony and character into your home.

Colortrend Historic Luxury Matt – has a dense, flat matt finish that is specially formulated to hide blemishes and imperfections.

Colortrend Historic Soft Sheen – is a low-odour, waterbased emulsion for interior walls and ceilings which offers an easy clean, hardwearing finish – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms or for high-traffic areas such as hallways. ANTIQUE EGGSHELL has a very discreet low sheen which will give woodwork a profound richness.

Colortrend for Woodwork – gives all the traditional durability and beautiful gloss of alkyd resin but use a technologically advanced waterbased formulation, which is kinder to the environment and kinder to you and your family. These paints are virtually odourless wood finishes that dry in hours not days – and leave no lingering solvent smells. They are easy to apply, with great levelling and glow qualities. And clean up is simple, just warm soapy water and you’re done. SATINWOOD is a beautiful soft finish for wood and metal with a tough, easy clean finish. GLOSS is a superb high gloss finish giving you an exceptionally hard wearing, easy clean finish.


Fleetwood has created a collection of colours inspired by nature and the latest in colour and desing trends. This unique palette perectly captures an eclectic mix of fome fashion styles from the daring to the serene. Colour is the perfect way to revitalize your home, whether it’s a master suite or an old piece of furniture in need of a facelift, FLEETWOOD have all the answers.

The FLEETWOOD Colour Mixing System is a palette of more than 30,000 hues created by a team of colour forecasters and experts. FLEETWOOD Colour Mixing System uses the latest technology to ensure unparralled colour accuracy.

So Call in today and get started on your dream home.


Dulux offer inspiration to help you transform your home with their large range of quality products. At Coolmine Decor we can provide from their Easycare, Kitchens, Light & Space, Matt & Soft Sheen, Simply Colour and Weathershield ranges.

DULUX EASYCARE – Easycare is an exceptionally tough washable matt paint for walls and ceilings. It is 10 times tougher than conventional paint and is splash resistant. Its revolutionary scrubbable formula makes easycare Washable Matt perfect for high-traffic areas like halls and stairways. Available in a range of 45 contemporary colours plus Pure Brilliant White.

DULUX KITCHENS – Dulux Kitchen+ is an exceptionally tough matt paint. Its grease proof formulation resists everyday cooking stains and it’s washable without colour fade so it’s perfect for keeping busy kitchens looking great for longer.

DULUX LIGHT & SPACE – New Dulux Light & Space is formulated to reflect up to twice as much light back into your room to make it appear brighter and more spacious. We really can’t do the Light & Space effect justice on-screen, so why not try a tester pot, to see for yourself? Available in a vinyl soft sheen finish in eight subtle shades plus Pure White.

DULUX MATT & SOFT SHEEN – Easycare is an exceptionally tough washable matt paint for walls and ceilings. It is 10 times tougher than conventional paint and is splash resistant. Its revolutionary scrubbable formula makes easycare Washable Matt perfect for high-traffic areas like halls and stairways. Available in a range of 45 contemporary colours plus Pure Brilliant White.

DULUX SIMPLY COLOUR – This SimplyColour range has been specially designed by the Dulux ColourStudio™to allow for maximum co-ordination possibilities between the colours, whilst maintaining a strong sense of aesthetic beauty. All shades have personality, presence and a degree of softness and subtlety even at the deepest levels. Colours have been chosen that strike a perfect balance between high fashionability and a sense of timeless elegance – shades to live with and enjoy for years to come. We are moving away from the bright and somewhat unforgiving colours of yesteryear in favour of tones that intrigue the eye and change gently with the light – colours that create a real sense of beauty and refinement no matter what style of home they are used in.

DULUX WEATHERSHIELD – Dulux Weathershield Smooth Exterior Masonry paint has been specially formulated to protect Ireland’s homes against our unique climate. Using pure acrylic technology, Weathershield with advanced durability, is our most protective masonry paint yet, giving you that freshly painted look for longer. It has an established reputation for outstanding durability and contains a special fungicide and algicide to help control surface growths. It has a smooth finish making it easy to apply, spread further and stay clean for longer.


You don’t have to be a painter to love Glidden ™


Hammerite offers a range of products for all your metal painting needs inside and outside your home.


Manufacturer of speciality paints and coatings for the DIY market.