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Our Story

Coolmine Decor was opened by Frances and Dave McCaghy in 1994 to provide independent decor advice to the public and the trade. Dave started the family contracting business in 1983, and opening a shop seemed like a natural next step.

In 2014 their son Conor returned home from Vancouver to join the business, after years working as a decor specialist on high end interiors in Canada.

​Customer service has always been at the heart of what we do at Coolmine Decor, and over the years we have been lucky to find brilliant staff who have stayed with the company for years, ensuring our customers always leave happy, and return.

We are always here for advice, either in person or on the phone, and have painters and interior designers in store each week to answer any questions you might have about decorating your home.

Meet The Team


Bernie Duffy

Bernie has been with Coolmine Décor for over 5 years.

After multiple visits to the shop she really hit it off with the staff and before long it became apparent that her knowledge of the industry and extremely friendly demeaner would be perfectly suited to an establishment well known for both of these qualities.

Angie Connelly.jpeg

Angie Connolly

Angie has been involved in the decorating and interior design sector for over 15 years.

She prides herself on her ability to find the right shades for the right spaces and is always happy to to be of help to those that need just a little help with they're design ideas.

Frances and Dave.png

Frances & Dave McCaghy

Frances & Dave have both worked as owner/manager of Coolmine Décor since its establishment in 1994 and are highly knowledgeable in everything regarding paint and wallpapers.

Together they have made Coolmine Décor well known for its high level of customer service and wide range of top brands.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-19 at 1.23.43 PM.

Deirdre Divilly

Deirdre has been working at Coolmine Décor for over 14 years and in this time has built up a sterling reputation as a go to person for product advise for both professionals and hobbyists alike. As manager, Deirdre has ensured that Coolmine Décor continues to deliver only the highest quality products matched only by their high level of customer service. 

conor about.jpeg

Conor McCaghy

Conor qualified as a painter and decorator through the contracting side of the family business back in 2008.

From there he travelled over to Canada and gained invaluable experience in decorating techniques and a vast knowledge of new products considered to be highly advanced in Europe.

He has now taken this knowledge and is applying it to the Irish market through product selection and the advise he gives to customers of Coolmine Décor. 

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